Back in the Day

January 5, 2010
Back in the day,
We used to be innocent
Our Earth was cloaked in gold
We used to be oblivious
There wasn’t one bad thing in the world.

Back in the day,
We used to skip to and fro
Coloring outside of the lines
We used to stare at the clouds
Chasing birds and butterflies.

Before everything used to be great
It ain’t so pretty as it may seem
But now everything is extremely fake
It isn’t everything I want it to be.

Back in the day,
We used to have “crushes”
Our hearts never upside down
We used to giggle at weddings
No one’s feelings turning around.

Back in the day,
We used to think we never had what we wanted
No one ever saying goodbye
We used to dream about treasures and dragons
Not daring to leave the damsel behind.

I wish it were a glorious paradise
I wish it could be like it was
I wish it was nothing but nice
But it can’t be just because.

Back in the day,
We used to want to grow up
When swallows sang their song
We used to play dress up and make up
Not knowing anything wrong.

But then we had to grow old,
Learn to deal with our children having a cold
Going through the hormones and fits and their whines
We remember the times
Back in the day.

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