Insanity In My Ever Closed Mind

January 5, 2010
By , Danville, VA
When the world you hold so dearly
is flipped sideways, topsy turvy
dangling all around
what will you do?
I know what I would do
I would laugh
a sick
insane laugh
everythhing you wanted
like my world
got ruined
by the water running sideways
in your now topsy turvy world
of miscellaneous mess ups.
You did this
You deserve this
I shall laugh at you
you idiot
how could I not?
You drove me crazy
locked me up in this place
my brain
now traps me
behind walls of padded thoughts
that truthfully behind them
hold concrete...
a wooden box,
is what my heart feels like
filled to the brim with
wet, sticky gunk
that once the sun shines
will become hard
and protect my insides
once again
you see,
my old concrete
you cracked it
broke right through it
but at the time...
it was okay
at the time I loved it
and with a chance
i know will never happen
I would love for you to do it again
but you wont
let this concrete dry,
the flowers and weeds
that once grew in my wooden heart shaped box
now have to go away
I will kill them
like you killed me.
I will pour concrete on them
like you did
my mind
my thought process
the way I held myself
my concrete
held all of that
and you broke your way through.
How did you do it?
I want to know
wait no strike that
I dont want to know anything anymore.
You put me in here
this trapped place
but it wasnt all you
there was life in general,
but maybe thats okay,
because maybe we all need this
maybe you should be
in here with me,
in this
insane asylum
of a brain
maybe they should title this place
Insane in The Membrane Psychiatric Center...
Hospital for nuts,
kookie Crazies
mainly me,
I am the most valued patient.
So come join me,
in my journey of the Insane in the Membrane jail cell,
i have created to keep you out!

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