All Alon in the Tunnel

December 27, 2009
By blue_paint14859 BRONZE, Hanover, Pennsylvania
blue_paint14859 BRONZE, Hanover, Pennsylvania
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My journey is long

there’s only one part left

the tunnel

The tunnel is long

it’s as dark as night

it’s a passageway to Hell

going in the tunnel

will I ever come out?

In the tunnel

it’s silent

no sound

no light

a Hell all by itself

I keep going and going

never knowing when to stop

I grow tired

I grow weak

all alone in the tunnel

just me


and I

I hear a noise, a sound

a voice as quite as a mouse

the vioce is not mine

but it calls my name

it gets closer and closer

not stopping, not slowing

I’m not alone in the tunnel

It’s right behind me now

just me, the voice, and Hell
all together in the tunnel

It’s there, behind me

I’m so scared

I want to scream and shout for help

but that would only make things worse

I can feel it now

the voice is with me, breathing down my neck

It gets me

I’m gone

not in the tunnel anymore

I’m in hell

As hot as fire

And now I know
I was not alone in the


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