metropolis: robotic purgatory

December 7, 2009
By kewlchazer67 BRONZE, Thibadaux, Louisiana
kewlchazer67 BRONZE, Thibadaux, Louisiana
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dont care

I am not human
But a man made creation
Whose heart is made of gadgets
And whose purpose to serve the nation
I fall for so called humans
But police will keep use apart
Robots truly have no lives
So they dismantle their mechanical hearts

The punk prophets create us
Show our power to the world
To be either a slave or a worker
Or even a toy for a little girl

I am Cindy maywheather
A prototype lover

To my talent of singing
To the pain I cover

They brainwash the locals
Tell them this is the life
To keep them from suicide
Or slitting their wrist with a knife.

The author's comments:
im me

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