Archangel's Cry

October 18, 2009
time isn't pending
my will is unbending
a wish isn't sending
on a star that is ending
on the horizon that's rending
and and archangel cries

break heart for a sin token
you speed into the ocean
the moon stops its motion
to weep with devotion
now bring forth the notion
hell's vile potion
and an archangel cries

heaven's on fire
the world's getting higher
spitting with ire
the tongue of a liar
same as the sire
blood thorn of briar
and an archangle cries

toll the bell an empty beat
lead my routeless feet
on a path that's never meet
to break my word on Heaven's seat
so clash superior the fire's heat
we've long forgotten how to cheat
and an archangel cries

the last sword lets up to fly
time to end brings time to lie
watch the eternity fall to die
a meteor shower from on high
immortal breath end on a sigh
crows take wing into the sky
and an archangel cries

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