Let's Grow Up Together.

October 10, 2009
By , Glassboro, NJ
We're all ready now. For that last leg of our four year race. The first and last day thrilled us all. But are we ready to let go? Let go of our friends and parents. Stop holding hands and taking our training wheels off. Are we ready to be on our own?

We're all ready now. All reved up for that last test and walking up for a piece of paper. A piece of paper that's supposed to symbolize our last four years of hard work. Late study sessions and endless hours in the gym setting up for homecoming.

We're all ready now. Time for us to walk away, let's not look back. Foward on, and only because we have to, we're adults. Let's remember our silly jokes and awesome times in these hallowed halls. Let's leave with pride and hope for the next race ahead. Let's smile down and give last minute advice to newcomers. Let's walk outside, breathe in the crisp air deep. Let's grow up, together.

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