Broken Symmetry; Seventy-two Brain Weave

October 7, 2009
By DavidC BRONZE, Piedmont, Oklahoma
DavidC BRONZE, Piedmont, Oklahoma
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Things are intact.
Though they shiver and writhe.
Intact they remain.
Glaciers are moving with a rhythmic dance.
They turn to doves.

A symmetrical block
With a chip on one side.
Instinct loses the remote.
The gears to the clock are napping.
The hands spin freely.
They stop on continents.

Though clothed with the sun,
My body is cold.
Garden gnomes whisper in my ear.
My bones learn to bend.
I hear grass cry out in the night.
My heart is remembering,

I feel the road beneath me.
I ride to Jupiter.
I run to love.
My feet are tired.
I'm getting closer.
I won't stop now.

My breath shatters sand.
I build castles in the glass.
My flame trickles.
My hearth is the ocean.
I hear my target.
I can see her voice.

Without ripping tendons,
I've scaled mountains.
I've jumped over rivers.
I've colonized Jupiter.
I've broken hearts.
I've mended mine.

Coal burns.
Cannons fire.
Cold nights linger.
Catharsis at Jupiter.
Couples are stranded.
Can we have the verdict?

Dragons fly around me.
Their wings fade into nothing.
They take me.
I am unafraid.
I am theirs.

Space calls my name.
I've waited to hear her voice.
I'm called to a new galaxy.
I'll call it Nono Cerchio.
I'll call it Neunter Kreis.
I'll call it Ninth Circle.
I'll put every bad thing.
I'll do so much good.
We'll all be safe.
Our children will be safe.
Our love will be safe.

I love so much.
I hear angels barking.
The demons,
They howl at the moon.
My heart is in a chest.
Do you want the key?

My goal is uncertain.
My recipient is uncertain.
My love is strong.
My hands are uncertain.
My eyes are uncertain.
My mind is my own

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