September 6, 2009
By LilMissStefi GOLD, Port Washington, Wisconsin
LilMissStefi GOLD, Port Washington, Wisconsin
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To think; such simple keystrokes can produce such stunning results. -Myself

There comes that moment
That simple second in time
When you come to realize
something that your mind could not grasp onto
At any prior time in history.

At this point you change
Whether improvement
Or not
You are no longer as you once were

Something so small
Can effect one so greatly
That life can pause
Suspending the moment
As though
It simply had to be.

My moment came
And went
And I had the sense
To grasp onto it
Holding it close to my heart and mind.

To this day
Years later
I will not allow that simple childhood realization
To pass on
To be forgotten or ignored.

There are millions of people on this planet
There are an equal amount of souls
An unending supply of personalities
A constant stream of thoughts.
Everybody thinks
And hopes
There is always some dream
Waiting to be fulfilled.
A wish,
Whether silent or not
That lays within everyone.

I am just a single person
And I
Whether I wish it to be so or not
Am meaningless.

No purpose lies in my existence
No contribution for me to make to this world.
Everything about me
All that I am
Is plain
And easily forgettable.

I will love
And it will be ignored.
I will laugh
And it will be drowned out
I will cry
And no one will see
I will scream
And no one will take the time to listen.

There is no special skill which I posses
Nothing of importance.
In no way
Or form
Do I stand out from this crowded world.
I do not now
Nor will I ever.

I accept this notion
With my whole being
But this matters not
For I
Matter not.

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