Pirouettes Of Moonlight

September 3, 2009
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She walked on the cool sand with her cold bare feet. Long black hair and glowing blue eyes, highlighted her light pale skin in the light of the moon. She was going to her place. The place she felt home. She walked along with her white night gown blowing gently in the cool, crisp sea air. Along with the ribions in her hair, dancing to the sea's song. She danced pirouettes and sang. Her notes carried along in the soft breeze. She came to her place. The place she calls home. The light house. She climbs up the rocky, steep cliff. She cuts her ankel but she doesnt care. She comtinues climbing. Once she reaches the top she sits down and gazes over the ocean from the high view. And watches the beam of light from the light house above her spin and light off into the distance of waves and black sea. Then she glances at the moon and thinks to herself, "Nothing Could Ever Be This Beautiful."

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