A Magpie's Lament

March 1, 2012
Forgive me my feathers,
Dull from afar,
As milky as sap,
As black as tar.

So pardon my interest,
And continue to sing,
For I’m just a scavenger,
And you’ll throw me off wing.

A magpie’s lament is as good as it gets,
So listen to me when I tell you,
Because your beauty is limitless,
And I hope you’ll notice me too.

And because you are kind,
With soft spoken eyes,
I’ll sing you a ballad,
Croaking your praise with a voice used to lies.

For you’re a canary to a cat,
Just hoping to trust,
You’re as sweet as the ground,
Just freshly unfrost.

Now I see you shake your head,
Curls waterfalling,
As you hide your disgust,
Fears unfolding.

Please still your lips,
Let your conscious relax
While I sing you a new song,
One of fewer attacks.

You’re as pale as the moon,
With eyes like the skies,
Born with the soul of the stars,
And hair as fine as life’s intricate ties.

So I’ll liken you to a phoenix,
Fiery like the sun,
As wild as a free man,
As elegant as a swan.

Or maybe an eagle,
As strong as a king?
Or the step of a doe,
As lithe as my wings.

Now I see that you’re pleased,
And if I could I would smile,
But spare me your love,
For it’d only be futile.

So blow me a kiss,
And I’ll take one final bow,
Leaving behind just one,
One feather from my down.

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