How Many Minutes?

May 21, 2011
By 1234543212345 BRONZE, Cedarville, Arkansas
1234543212345 BRONZE, Cedarville, Arkansas
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I had come home after a week,
Oh, you had looked so bleak.
Your soft memory only makes my heart sink.

I set out your dry dog food.
You ate like a bear out of its late hibernation,
The way your tail wagged made me so soothed.

"Mother and father," I thought,
"Had you even cared?"
My, you must have been so scared.

My body was worn enough,
I did not watch you like our every day stuff.
This thought haunts my inner mind.

An hour passed,
Your ear piercing yelp rang through my head,
Although I had no idea you'd soon be dead.

Mother told me to stay on the steps,
Her gasp made my heart sink,
All the way to the lonely depths.

She picked up your stiff, tiny body.
Your image made me sick,
But I knew then your life was at a tick.

Fifteen minutes, fifteen minutes, just those horrid fifteen minutes!
Our transportation was at its limits.
Dad had left but moments before, we're sitting ducks in unknown climates.

Your eyes so blank,
I whimpered and cried,
Begging you to stay away from life's plank.

Dad wouldn't answer any call;
Our attempts to help were at a stall.
Please don't go, please don't go! You are my all.
Mom took you from me,
Is this really to be?
Dad drove up and we swarmed like angry insects.

All piled in,
Harley, I need you to win!
I thought, "if I had watched, would this still have been?"

Five minutes, five minutes, just those horrid five minutes.
Miles per hour, legal speed has its limits.
Beat death, beat death! Don't be at all timid.

I stared out the window,
Someone's at the car wash, oh how the water flows.
Then mother's voice broke my trance.

"No, don't go!
Harley it's okay,
Hang in there, later you and Cera can play!"

All went deathly silent,
I shuddered and told myself it is not so,
Mother's sobs said it all, it can't be true - no!

I won't believe it,
Not for a second,
But then she turned my way.

There you were,
My vision blurred,
"It was quick."

That's all she could say?
She told you we could play!
Harley, why didn't you stay?

I can't,
I won't except this,
My only response was a painful hiss.

She handed you to me,
Does this really have to be?
It is not fair!

You always kept me safe,
Why did you die in such a place
I hate the bitterness on my tongue.

You need me once,
Just once, just once!
That is not what anyone wants.

I held your lifeless body close.
I need your reassuring dose.
But you are gone, so long?

Seventy-five minutes, seventy-five minutes, just those appalling seventy-five minutes,
That's all it took,
Now look what life took as if a heartless crook.

The author's comments:
I was sitting in class and Clayton Scott was teaching us for the week. He stood in front of us and re sited a poem he wrote of when he was at a Carnival. This already had my mind racing with thoughts of my dog; for he told us our poem for the day had to be a narrative poem.

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This article has 3 comments.

on Jun. 24 2011 at 2:10 am

I just have two things. 1: you're definatly worthy of fame. 2: it'd be a lot easier fo you to keep up with edidting if i would give you the chapters on time. haha. oh, and thanx(:

ps: I shwuvv yooh!!! :D

on Jun. 21 2011 at 10:35 pm
1234543212345 BRONZE, Cedarville, Arkansas
1 article 1 photo 3 comments
How could I not~ Remember you when I get old? xD I will not be famous, trust me. Thanks for listening to me in Ms. Russel's and in the hall. I was so stressed over the Poetry Slam. X3 And nyeh, you're a beautiful writer  and I am glad to always edit your story if I can even stay up with that. -.-;;

on Jun. 21 2011 at 10:30 pm
Nicole, this poem is great. I rember walking down the hall with you beside me having me read over it for you. You are truely talented, and you have inspired me in my writing as well. When you're famous, remember me. -Ashley<3


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