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April 7, 2018
By Alisa K BRONZE, Slc, Utah
Alisa K BRONZE, Slc, Utah
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I find comfort in corners
Music playing louder than the conversations around me
Drowning in the sea
That no one but me can see

The murky midnight blue waters call my name
But I pretend not to hear
The cold water wraps around my ankles
Trying to drag me into their depths
But I kick them away

With each click, my music grows louder
With each moment the sea creeps a step closer
It reaches out, singing sweetly
A lullaby meant to put you to sleep
I take its hand even though I think I know what comes next

The water is not cold
It is only dark
I see my hair floating and my school uniform starts to fill up with water
For once the noise stops
It is a serene quiet, obscure and peaceful

My breathing stops
I don’t mind
I would rather stay like this forever
But then the water recedes and leaves me
Alone in noise and dripping with water
Because it left me I start to hurt

It starts in my heart but pretty soon it reaches my eyes
And my tears mix with the dripping water
The lunch bell rings
Friends leave in groups
I wipe off my face
And head to class

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