I am From

February 20, 2018
By Anonymous

I am from luscious, just right, soft, red strawberries from the garden
From day care and polly pocket with the pinkest zebra print coat, and furred hood
I am from the bleak winter days whereas right as you step outside it hurts to breathe
I am from the sparkling green tea lemonade with a shot of raspberry
I am from the towering Pines that are to elevated to see over
whose long gone limbs I remember
as if they were my own.

I’m from cordial summer camping  and picnics
From Jason and Erica my father and mother who have woefully long ago grown apart
I’m from saturday movie nights and family time sundays
from ice cream in the frigid winters and meals off the grill throughout the summer.
I’m from treat others how you would want to be treated,
and you are so clumsy what my sister enthusiastically announces as I fracture my glass plate
and my moms childhood lullabies that I swiftly fall asleep to her soothing melodious voice
I’m from caribou with mom in the mornings sometimes chilled Ice Tea, or a Hot incandescent Campfire Mocha Coffee Cooler with tiny marshmallows and chocolate syrup drizzled attop
I’m from the douglas county hospital  and Germany
I am from fried fish and Swedish meatballs

I'm from trying to sprint through a colossal  glass window  and family members stomachs hurting from churning over in  laughter besides me
I am from  my great grandmas cooking timer that never ticks but goes of once in a great while, of course if you turn it though, that's perched on my very top shelf, right apace with my bed

I am from.

The author's comments:

this piece is a wonderful reminder of what I have been blessed with in my life

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