The Angel's Elegy

January 26, 2018
By Anonymous

She danced about the heavens, where innocence reigned free. 

A golden halo she had dawned, flight pure and feathery.

And with her fellow cherubs, she sang a cheerful song.

Oh so naive, oh so carefree, that didn’t last for long...


The Angel writhed and twisted, held still by dev’lish vines.

Though mem’ries come and mem’ries go, she can’t forget this crime.

The Angel could not fully breathe, screams made lungs raw and worn.

That beast from hell, a snake who fell, her wings by fangs were torn.


A tile floor beneath the church,

Is where she lost her pride.





All love and hope had died.

The author's comments:

This elegy is about a sexual assault I experienced in my childhood. Before the occurrence, religion was a large part of my life. I went to a Catholic school, my family went to church every Sunday and prayed before every meal. I looked at the world through a religious lens. My feelings and ideas towards myself and towards religion changed dramatically after the assault, which ended up causing a lot of conflict in my life. This is why I chose to have religious imagery represent myself and the person who attacked me in the metaphor that is present in the elegy. The elegy is not mourning a person who has died, rather, it is mourning a part of me that died. It is celebrating the innocence, purity, and hope of a childhood, and mourning the loss of those things which are easily taken away by others with sinister agendas. I think this poem does not only apply to myself but also applies to many other people. So many children experience sexual assault in some form, and when that assault happens, it kills the very things that make childhood amazing.

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