Goodbye of Importance

April 3, 2009
By Shelby Critel SILVER, Ravenna, Nebraska
Shelby Critel SILVER, Ravenna, Nebraska
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I can’t go on like this
Push me push me until you miss
I am stepping out of your way
Go on leave me I knew you would someday
I’m not to blame dear I tried
You can tell the story how you want, you lied
No one sees it all the way they should
I told you my side so you could
Did you return my letter? No you did not
That there sweetie was the bullet to your shot
No loud crack of emotion, just solid stone
Not another chance to cut me to the bone
I’m through with this give and not receive
Although the thought of moving on makes me grieve
I will grow out of this repetitive habit of yours
Headed to find someone who does not slam doors
I have loved and hated you as my friend
But as they always say good things must end

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