Ctrl. Alt. Delete

January 22, 2018
By June.bug BRONZE, Stevenson Ranch, California
June.bug BRONZE, Stevenson Ranch, California
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Have you ever wondered nonchalantly,
All the mistakes you have made?
Perhaps you were brushing your teeth, daydreaming
‘til you remember and your pride would fade
Embarrassed, shamed by your mistakes
Maybe you slept with your mouth open on a bus
The picture went viral, with too much fuss
Or maybe...
A loved one left
Maybe you cheated on a test,
Or annoyed a friend so he couldn’t rest.
Maybe you talked to your crush,
But fell on your face in a rush
Or maybe, just maybe, you loved
You see, loving someone is a dangerous game,
It could fill you with joy or fill you with pain
Your lover could set you free, or humiliate you for all to see,
But this isn’t a game
Make sure mistakes don’t repeat
One cannot just “Ctl. Alt. Delete ”

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