Satisfied Souls

December 19, 2017
By Crystal-Forest-Girl BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
Crystal-Forest-Girl BRONZE, Papillion, Nebraska
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She was crying.
Tears fall from her sapphire blue eyes as she runs into      my open arms.
I hold her in my arms tightly, bringing us as 
close together as our bodies would physically let us,        but our souls, are never satisfied.
I run my fingers through her hair and hold her head         against me as she finds safety in the crook of my            neck.
I hold her protectively, glaring at whoever stares at        us or shot a weird look.
Some look at us with concern, others disgust, and            some curiosity.
The looks become too distracting, so I pull her off          into a seemingly abandoned hallway.
I feel her trembling against me.
I try to hold her closer to me, desperately trying to        calm her down.
I hate it when she cries, it makes me want to cry            myself, but this is so much worse.
As she weeps on my shoulder, I start to feel my              eyes burn as tears fall from my eyes, and my hold on        her strengthens again, not for her this time, but for        me.
" I love you." I say with a shaky whisper as I feel          myself getting tense for a whole new reason.
I hear her breathing start to even out and her              trembling soften.
" I love you too." She whimpers as she finally brings        herself out of the crook of my neck and wraps her            shaky arms around it. 
I smile weakly, and lean into her, laying my forehead        to hers as we share a kiss.
We have kissed many times before, but this one was so        real, and it feels so right.
With this kiss, we both relax, and it seems like in          this moment, our souls are finally satisfied.

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