Picking Petals

March 24, 2009
By Anonymous

A little girl determines love by picking petals off a flower
But as they grow older
Those traits don’t seem to fade
Because here that little girl is again
All grown up
Picking those petals to see if he really loves her
One petal changed everything
With one petal he stopped loving her
And she needed him at that moment
To say he was kidding
To say he was sorry
To say he wanted her back
But most of all
The say he loves her
This girl tried to change things by picking more petals
Maybe the boy thought she couldn’t break
And that she was made of metal
At this moment the girl needed someone to hold her
To lie and say everything was gonna be okay
But no one was around
And a small room suddenly became huge
And lonely she felt
With not even a single tear making a sound
No sound did she make
Because she wanted everyone to see she was okay
And that her heart was fine
But she should have made a noise
Because she’s still lonely in the room
Hoping someone will find her
And fix everything he broke
The day she picked up that flower
Everything became sour
She should have just trusted her heart
And not leave things to a flower petal
But by living in the moment
Because no longer is she doing her happy dance
No, this teenage girl is back to acting like she had many years ago
Not letting anyone in
And letting everything get to her
No longer does she pick petals
And let people think she is made of metal

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Shibahime GOLD said...
on Apr. 23 2009 at 1:45 am
Shibahime GOLD, Cedar City, Utah
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This is such a wonderful poem, i think alot of girls can relate to this. I love it, good job!!

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