Be thankful for what you have

November 30, 2017
By Maiwenn.J SILVER, Tirana, Other
Maiwenn.J SILVER, Tirana, Other
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We all in this class should be thankful.
Thankful for what you might ask?
I say we should be thankful for our education, parents, life,
thankful for who we are.
But what I see in reality is us complaining, when we should be grateful.
We complain about how we look, and how we want want to look,
We complain about school and how it seems like torture.
This education we get should not be something negative.
We are blessed with this knowledge, our power to have a voice,
We complain about how others have better things, cooler things
Complain about where we live
Complain about what we have
When some children our age are working hard
Begging for education, knowledge.
Begging for a future.
This is not supposed to happen, yet it's stronger than us
The need of complaining…
But our thankfulness can rise to power
we all can rise to power and appreciate what we have
be thankful for such a beautiful place we live in,
thankful for the beauty of nature
Thankful for the education we get
Let's smile and start helping each other more than ever,
let's smile to appreciate the help of others.
think of what we have not what we want.
This is a message to you, us, me
Let's be thankful

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A slam poem

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