Circle of life

November 28, 2017
By Nzdq333 BRONZE, Tankovo, Other
Nzdq333 BRONZE, Tankovo, Other
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And here we go again
It's a brand new begining
whit the same worn out end
Now again

We stand up 
Get ready to fight
one is down
and another one from behind

Watch out
don't hurry
calm down

Take a deep breath
let's try again

Look around 
you did it 
you won this round
try to rest
till it's our turn to play again

"Way too easy.
Ït's okay, it's going to get garder
by and by

as time has passed 
to some people you had to say "Goodbye..."
But don't worry 
you'll be fine 
you'll meet new friends on the way

Just don't give up
Don't take the easy way
Adn I promise 
It would be worth it one day

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