October 25, 2017
By Anonymous

I am from the field
From grass to white paint.
I am from the sun
Which tans my skin
and the rain
Which covers my body.

I’m from the net
Which makes the most
Noise when I score a goal.
I’m from my cleats
Which hug my thin foot
And are perfectly made to target my speed.

I’m from the ball
Regardless of the design
It makes me who I am.

I’m from my teammates
Who tell me:
“You’re the fastest one on this field.”
I play for them.

I’m from my coach
Who yells
But it’s out of heart.

And I’m from the coaches from colleges
Who I hope to play for.
Who I hope make me
The soccer player
That I. Want. To. Be.

I’m from the field
I always have been.
I always will be.

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