The doll house

August 20, 2017
By Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
Bhumika Honparkhe GOLD, Bhilai, Other
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A doll house!
Every little girl's wish.
I too had one,
Where I cooked my first dish.

The false tea,
Seemed so factual.
Even the square chapatis,
Looked like oval.

Dolls were my kids,
Taught them lifestyle.
Even though I was,
Just a tiny juvenile.

Neither any worry,
Nor was there any regret.
Life was elementary,
Fascination was the only intimate.

I left it, as I grew up,
For adults told, it was hallucination.
Little did I know,
Their own life was just an imitation.

The nostalgic doll house
Today,as I look at,
Only one thing I say-
"Childhood, can't I get you back?"

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