My Angel from Heaven

March 23, 2009
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My sister loves me,
No matter all the boogers in my nose,
She just wipes them all away.
All the fuzzies in my toes,
She just picks them all out.
My sister loves me through the highs and the lows.

When I fall asleep on her bed,
She still loves me!
Even though I drool all over her pillow…
Can’t you see?
No one loves me quite like my sister.
Her love sets my heart free.

She cares when I fall.
She hurts when I cry.
Though she loves me,
She hates when I lie.
She loved me from the day she received the news.
She’ll love me till the day comes for news to die.

When I’m scared,
She protects me from harm.
When I’m sad,
Her fingers wake my tummy up like an alarm.
If I’m tired,
I fall into a dose in her arms.

I’m a blessing to her.
Like an angel from heaven.
She was thankful the day I was born.
I’ll be her baby forever.
Even when she’s old,
Our love she will never let go.

She does what she can for me.
She held me up from it all.
The loneliness and strangers.
She will always pick me up when I fall.
No matter what,
My sister loves me through it all!

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