What She Would Do

July 18, 2017

She would walk down the hallway, with an obvious smirk on her face

As she walked through the crowds of students like she owned the place

She would laugh, flip her hair, and bat her eyes

She'd do anything to be noticed by one, if not all the guys

And I guess it worked because next thing I knew

She was strutting right up to you

With straight golden locks, piercing blue eyes, and a body sculpted by da vinchi himself

I wanted nothing more than for you to run away from her crying for help

But alas, there you stand

Flirting and winking while your fingers graze over her hand

I, however, stood watching the whole thing go down

How you interacted with the girl whose makeup could pass for a clown

And to think that I thought that I could've been the girl you speak too with a grin

Perhaps I was wrong, perhaps it was a lie, whatever it was it showed me that l was not meant to win

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