Trials and Tribulations

July 16, 2017
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Trials and Tribulations 

For South Africa spread across the nation's

Could be a drought 

As people shout "Waters out"

"What will we use for our crops?"

"What will take our country to the top?"

As we pray


For it to rain

Raindrops, Raindrops

And Our country will rise to the top

Trials and Tribulations 

South Africa's President

To moan, To complain

They say, lets give him the blame

For we have wasted

For we have voted

For our lives we coated in pain

And one person who help him to be on top

Now wants his presidency to fall and drop

But now we wait

Now we see

What South Africa will do to save our presidency

Trials and Tribulations, human kidnapping has spread to South Africa's Population 

Children, Parents, Elders being killed for doing nothing else but being themselves






Who was it? Where was it?

Oh why, Oh why my Family?

I guess we'll never know but we we will remember 

The Trials and Tribulations 

We've fought to the occasion 

And with no patience

To save the nation....

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