In Her Place

June 2, 2017
By Zishan BRONZE, Oakland, California
Zishan BRONZE, Oakland, California
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I stand and take a deep breath before looking in the mirror, locking eyes with the girl dressed in a gown of floral elegance

I smile lightly and spin as sparkles and glitter sprinkle my every step; gasps of wonder from my family punctuate the air

I touch my face, my hair- feeling unreal- unable to recognize my own skin and features under all of the makeup and flourishes

I smell the scent of perfume coating the air, maneuvering through the waves of guests and family members waiting in anticipation

I spot my sister and stare, yearning to be in her position, longing to be in her delicate, elaborate shoes

I glance out at the crowds in their colorful outfits and attire- my best friends, my aunts, my mom, and then suddenly- him

I catch a glimpse of him at the front, dressed in his shiny black tuxedo, his delicate red bow tie; butterflies explode in my stomach

I feel my dad tap my shoulder and indicate that “it’s time” with a jerk of his head and willing my stomach to settle, I sigh-

I sigh as I walk down the aisle, past the crowds, past the pastor, and past the groom to join the bridesmaids

I turn just in time to see my sister appear in her gorgeous white gown and dream

Dream, yearn, and wish I was in her place.

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