Remembering you

May 2, 2017
By RosyRose GOLD, Middleburgh, New York
RosyRose GOLD, Middleburgh, New York
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 Papa, the only name I ever knew you by,
You were a second father to me,
You were there when he wasn’t, helped raise me,
And taught me my manners and patience.
You passed and caused so many issues,
They went crazy, she was heartbroken, I was alone.
I was told and asked if I understood what was happening.
I sat in the back while everyone tried to figure it out,
The money, your medals, the things you left behind for us.
People lied, he stole, they yelled, it was chaos,
My home suddenly turned into the underworld.
You could have solved everything, but you weren’t here anymore,
You were gone.
I think of you every day,
I remember how you helped our family,
You were a good, kind man, and I only wish I had more time with you.
I miss you so very much, we all do,
The ones you behind.

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