Personal Metaphor: Jello

April 7, 2017
By MachoMadness SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
MachoMadness SILVER, Hartland, Wisconsin
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I am Jello. Usually bright and colorful, I usually make someone's day a little better. People love Jello! I’m flexible and squishy very open to different perspectives and shapes. Jello doesn’t start fights, things usually just bounce right off. I can fit into any mold or situation I'm thrown into.

But like any fruit flavored multicolor gelatin dessert too much Jello will make you sick. Jello also doesn't blend well with serious foods like a strong coffee or a aged glass of wine. No, Jello isn't always the most mature food there is, but if served at the right time even the most sophisticated crowd can enjoy some Jello. I am a sweet, bouncy, flexible, colorful, wonderful piece of Jello.

The author's comments:

(Fun fact: my favorite Jello flavor is watermelon
:P )

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