April 4, 2017

Walking down the hall,
When I hear someone yell out, “GEEK!”
A foot extends, and I fall,
This is the third time this week.

“Here comes the  geek.” I quip.
“Doesn’t he ever learn?”
Out goes my foot and he trips,
“Man,  what a nerd…”

After school I do my homework,
No one cares that I’m home,
I guess I’ll read a book or play some chess,
All alone…

Have to avoid a problem,
So I’m on the streets a lot.
How do I know there’s trouble at home?
When is there not…

I’ve had enough of this,
Every day more retorts,
There’s no other way to say it,
School is morte.

I thought dad would be away today,
Cos’ the bar was open.
Turns out he was just sober enough ,
To not leave the door open.

When I’m at school the next day,
I see Jackson has a bruise.
“Finally, someone stood up to him!” I say,
But no, that doesn’t make sense … Jackson wouldn’t lose …

Today this nerd asked me if I was OK,
I told him it wasn’t his business,
But  then he kept pushing, and pushing,
So then I punched him and broke his glasses.

I can’t live like this,
To end it is my only wish.
I grab a knife, shining in the light,
Taking a slash across each wrist.

I can't go back home,
I won’t go back through that door.
So off the school I fall,
It’s not my problem anymore.

Isn’t it funny how there’s so much story,
Behind  just one bully…

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