Dear Mr. or Miss Never Good Enough

March 15, 2009
By Morolake Thompson BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
Morolake Thompson BRONZE, Brooklyn, New York
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Where is your passion, your drive?
Lack. Lack. Lack.
Ignorant young fool.

It is true, the world can place its

enormous grasp upon you

And crush every aspect of you

that you thought was so unique

Hey, you silly goose
Stop day dreaming--Stop!

Your mother hates it when you chew

with the food hanging steadily

on your lips and chin.

You always seem to try and hide and mask
Glue upon your face the grace of another being
because you entirely bring shame.

It is true, that life can be literally squeezed out of you
'till every chilling, thrilling, sinning moment
floats, unrecognized in disregarded liquid.

The author's comments:
Everytime I searched for a scholarship opportunity, I felt that I would never be good enough to win any of them; that there was someone out there way better. Hopefully, many people can relate to the rejection and turn their emotions from the rejection to something more positive; poetry.

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