Ode To Rain

February 10, 2017
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Rain drops falling down the sky, Cloudy skies above our eyes.
Grey skies looking down at us.
Dropping it’s tears all over us.
As the rain falls upon us, causing lazy days to begin.
As the sky keeps crying.
People's moods change everyday.
Moments pass by the grey skies, it’s crying, it’s pouring.
The rain is for the good & the bad.
Helping us out with the drought, though destroying things that
are now in the past.
Cats & dogs falling from the sky, everybody running to get to shelter.
Wet streets, slippery roads, wet grass, soaked rooftops,
water running everywhere.
As gallons and gallons are waiting patiently to fall out,
the grey skies.  
Little kids slipping from the wet puddles.
Cars drifting off roads.
Water entering houses, Ambulance rushing to the injured
Though some people rain brings happiness, bringing life back to them. RAIN DROP, DROP TOP.

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