The Companion

March 12, 2009
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The days are glass,
the time has passed.
The fun is gone,
new times have sprung.

The way is barred,
we must go on.
Only one can go,
For one must stay behind

Who shall go without the guilt?
Who will stay in dirt and filth?
One of us will succeed,
Shall he go without the greed?

The ways must part,
The paths to differ,
Each must go alone.
The days are glass,
That shatters today.
We each must go our separate ways.

But linger for one moment please,
We must say our farwells.
To fall into the deepest swells,
To linger for one last look.

I let my companion go ahead,
With someone who is better to him.
My companion excitedly gors ahead,
While I sit back for now a-dread.
For now I must wait for another ray.
A companion who will cross the way.
And with that companion we will enter together.
Through the doors that bar each other.
And we must go through together.
Because companions found each other.
Those two doors unbar themselves.
The lives apart and together we enter

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