March 12, 2009
By SMiLiNgPiXi3 BRONZE, Fresno, Texas
SMiLiNgPiXi3 BRONZE, Fresno, Texas
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Oh Great!
Here we go again!
This is me,
attempting to say "hi" again.
But just like last time,
I'm gasping, stuttering and mumbling.
I hate my reaction towards you,
I hate your lack of attention towards me.
But in the end,
the one person I want to hate,
I can't.
Day after day,
I promise myself you will be the one I forget,
but as soon as I see your face,
my promise goes down the drain.
I say and say
I will go away
but your voice makes me sway
and in the end I stay.
But just you wait,
I promise that one day
enough will be enough
and I'll make my way.
But until that day comes,
I'll gasp, mumble, and stutter.

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