The 21st Century

March 12, 2009
Seems to me that the only thing that kids talk,
Are whose having sex, and who dresses best.
Why should we care, is it really a shock?
Kids are getting drugged, and their heads are a mess.

What happened to everyone's self respect?
And not getting lead to believe, their a reject.
I think people are putting on an act.
I believe they just wanna fit in, as a matter of fact.

But really, who wouldn't?
Its not like they shouldn't.
They'll judge you first chance they got.
Which, often times, can hurt a lot.

When will the stupidity end?
When will people have a hand to lend?
Whether someone would need you,
Or to even be polite if they displease you.

The world needs to change for a better tomorrow,
Or eventually, everyone will be living in sorrow.
Knowing in the back of their head,
This is the life they chose to have lead.

I think with guidance, we could make a change.
And even live our lives in a better range.
But we won't try, cause we're scared of what "they'll say"
So we'll keep making it worse, day by day.

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Aja D. said...
Apr. 3, 2009 at 9:11 pm
Praise! Praise! I think you are relating to a lot of peoples situations right now. Wow! Finally someone came out with the truth. Your poem was great!
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