Camouflaged Citizens

March 11, 2009
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Camouflaged citizens,
Thrown into an oasis
Out in a miraged desert,
Where there are no friends
To comfort you after a
Living breathing nightmare
Has occurred.

Camouflaged citizens,
Bound to strict orders
Of the almighty tax
Guzzler, to trample
Anything and anybody
In their paths to
An illusioned freedom.

Camouflaged citizens,
Who have lives torn
Away from them, and
Family members that lie
Awake worried as their
Own blood sweat and
DNA is trekking over
Sand dunes and little
Girls strapped to
Kamikaze machines.
Their armor is tarnished
On the inside, and they
Will deal with, for an
Eternity, many sleepless nights
In thoughts of contemplation,
Flashbacks of flash-bangs
And poor innocent terrified
Faces that were swept away
By the work of their men.

Camouflaged citizens,
Give up their lives
Whether or not they
Go down in battle,
Or fade into insanity
At home.

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