All Nighter

November 7, 2016
By , Walker, MI

At 10:00pm we started to get bored. We were just sitting there, in her living room, doing nothing. We weren’t even talking. That is when i asked Camryn, if she wanted to do something. I scattered my brain to think of things. I don't know why it was so hard to think of stuff.

Then i got it! We could try a challenge! Then Camryn started to name off challenges, “chubby bunny, try not to laugh, oh i got it! We could do the 100 coats of nail polish challenge!” I thought that that was going to be such a fun challenge.

Coat by coat, color by color, our nails started to look like a hot mess! “This is taking a million years” i whined. “And we are only on coat number 30!” we sure passed time alright. It was now 12 am. Camryn had to do something a little bit early in the morning so we had to go to sleep early. But… we did not. 

Camryn and i were getting a little loud. All of a sudden we heard the bangs and thumps coming from upstairs, I really hope my mom didn't wake up because of us!” Camryn thought. That is when We knew we were in for it, her mom was coming down the stairs.  She told us that we were being really rowdy and we needed to quiet down. 12 am was a reasonable time for a teenager to be awake, so she let that slide.

A lot of time has passed and we were having a lot o f fun. But then we started to get really wacky again. It is now 5 in the morning. We knew that we were going to get it. And when she came down we got yelled at to go to sleep. Se we went to sleep right away. And in the morning we got yelled at for staying up too late.

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