drama drama DRAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

March 9, 2009
By Leigh ann Stowers BRONZE, Cross Lanes, West Virginia
Leigh ann Stowers BRONZE, Cross Lanes, West Virginia
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what too say
they back stab and gossip
whan will they tell the truth!
one minute your bffs
the next minute youre enemies
they lie and tattle
but dont they know it hurts!
some are there till the end
others are there only one minute
they look at you like an idiot
or like your worthless
oneday it will come back to them
need i say more........

The author's comments:
girls plenty of drama when your a girl if you are like the person i describe in this please GET A LIFE if you are not thanks it makes life easier

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on Mar. 19 2009 at 2:53 am
Jordan Wilson-Dalzell GOLD, Portola Valley, California
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Favorite Quote:
Oh, if I could run free with the wild horses
I'd run and I would keep going and never stop.
Oh,if I could keen with my brothers the wolves
I'd cry sorrow and call for the freedom we lost.

If I could pick up my legs and just gallop away
my footprints would be pounded in the earth
If I could hunt with my pack , coexist as one
our cries would be recorded in a wild journal.

Oh if I could race out my heart and challenge
the wind
Even if I lost ,my lose would be mine to own
Oh, If I could speak the name of a word to feel
its birthing roots
If freedom were the word-then I am coming

This has a name btw- its called Girl Aggression and it is bullying. Try talking to the teachers or counselors because this is a serious issue and those girls do not have the right to act that way. Google Girl Aggression. Also girls don't have to act th at way.


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