My Turn

March 6, 2009
By Anonymous

I look forward to going to school
Its not that I'm not cool,
It's just a place to escape to,
A safe place is hard to find, there are but a few.

I'm frightened of my own home.
Sometimes I wish I could just be left alone,
He follows me about, waiting,
Waiting for the right moment to show his hating.

He can snap at any moment,
It could be at any event.
At home I'm as quiet as a mouse,
He has no job you see and is always in the house.

I've got scars and bruises
I have them because of his short fuse,
The slightest thing would set him off,
All it takes is one violent accidental cough.

People are asking questions now,
But he told me to keep my mouth shut so I shall,
I told two girls, they didn't believe what I told them,
Everyone just thought he was a little gem.

I wish he would go away,
Then I would be ok.
He cause misery, he causes pain,
It's just like one gigantic strain.

Here he comes stomping down,
Giving me that great ugly frown,
I can see what is coming,
I've done something wrong.

I prepare for the blow,
Take one big swallow,
His angry this time,
I can tell it's not peacetime.

Something is going to happen,
By now I know the pattern,
His hand is raised up high,
There's no time for a good cry.

This time it's my turn to say goodbye and die!

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