A Living Nightmare

September 29, 2016
By Anonymous

My bestfriend, My other half
         My big brother

For as long as I can remember
He has been in love with the streets.
I laid in bed
On halloween night
And cried
And cried
And cried
I got the news, he was finally caught
My whole heart was facing 15 years to life.
Unpredictable. Unbelieveable.
It’s been a year now and i’m still waiting
On this nightmare to end
It felt like we was in court everyday
I always kept my head down, tears running
Down my face as the walls began to
Began to cave in, as I heard the Judge call out the case
Billy Sanders v. The People
It felt like my heart was ripping out of my chest as I heard
The chains move as he stood up.
I was ready to vomit H E L L
That’s exactly what I felt like
H E L L !

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