visions poems

September 29, 2016
By , royal oak, MI


Live long and render
the biggest limitation that the key of
a race to remember
battle the human element
diamonds and steel
when the price
the numbers behind the pain


this isn't a circle
this is a dedication
only our team shows this
it gives me strength
it reminds me what I've done to get here
when I see it I run faster
reminds me why I am running
my brothers and sisters when with me
it takes me back to  those Camp days
when the Freshman a new kids come in
when we leave the camp they are in our family
we know each other's names instantly
   this symbol is the spirit of running
reminding us there is more of us
Nothing but run
we run so smooth you can't hear us run
this is what we strive for




What humid morning
this I taking my mind
turmoil I think  on this bench
but the people are sparse
it's early but there's light
there is hope
there's  Warmth
It is cold and crisp
but calm and mellow
silent and noisy
give me a moment
a dog getting a walk
live my life
think about life
love the feeling

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