September 23, 2016
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I am from noise canceling headphones
From Old Spice and Colgate
I am from the rain pattered rooftops,
so painfully soothing and calm
I from the redwoods, the dandelions, and the amber,
the lost memories and the happy endings.
I am from quiet parties, and the best of both worlds
From Tomas and Jen.
I am from unconditional love and never ending chores
From cookies for Santa or carrots for the Easter Bunny
I am from star stuff, the best kind of stuff; it has a pretty awesome contribution.
I am from Michigan and the resilient Spartans
From grape leaves and corned beef
From the time I went to the doctor for a measly hangnail.
(My dad never knows what he’s doing you got to love him)
I am from the beaches of North Carolina captured within a frame,
From the fierce storms of Florida, and the busy city of Detroit.
I am from dimly lit towns and crisp air-conditioning,
From hard work and dedication.
I am from lost dogs and lonely nights.
From missing covers and pillows my brother stole
(He’s Goofy)
From a tidy house, a clean room, and a surprisingly clean bathroom.
From my three brothers, to our obnoxious fire alarms, I am.

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