August 6, 2016
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We’ll miss your summer garden most of all,
With colour swirls of blues and pinks and sunflowers reaching heaven tall.
And how when the petals blew away the fire always grew,
With the welcomed warmth of a precious season new.

We’ll miss your smile with glinted eyes,
And cornettoes on days of clear blue skies.
Marks and Sparks cappuccinos with London buns,
An entire city confined to a store of one.
The shock surprise of birthday clothes each year,
With that M and S label picked out so dear.

We'll miss your endless well of sayings too,
With your wisdom that always shone right through.
Granny I don't know where to go
For the next Irish proverb I need to know.

We'll miss that sweet scone smell,
And that apple tart taste we know so well.
Granny thank you for dinners of far from a few,
And for only buying Kerry potatoes, which let’s face it, that wasn't true.

We'll miss our number one teacher so much more than a bit.
You gave us the gifts of how to bake and to knit
With the tension kept firm like our love so tight.
I'm still wondering how you sewed all our mistakes out of sight.

Granny you got everything from that little bird,
There wasn't a thing you hadn't heard.
But I hope you know this to be true,
It's going to be hard to go on without you.

We'll miss your door side goodbye wave,
And the love that you forever gave.
A love so strong it's still around,
Now granny, it’s your turn to be sure to call when your home safe and sound.

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