I Am My Inspiration.

August 3, 2016

You are my inspiration
You teach me how to be strong,
You've taught me what is right,
You've taught me what is wrong.

They say wisdom comes from experience,
You've been through many wars.
You teach me everyday
That battles leave scars.

You taught me about the world,
You taught me how to see it.
You taught me who I am,
You've taught me how to be it.

I've learnt to be my own hero,
I've learnt to be strong.
I've learnt to put myself together,
I've learnt it's okay to be wrong.

To my terrifying and dreadful fears,
I used to be a faithful slave.
Until I learned to be strong,
Until I learned to be brave.

There's no stopping me,
I'm moving forward.
It doesn't matter if I crash,
At least I'm not a coward.

I taught myself that it's okay,
Okay to fall apart.
I learnt to pick up the pieces of my sad, broken heart.

I am who I am,
And I'm happy to be that person.
I express myself much better now,
I'm a more confident human.

I may have been afraid,
But I'm not anymore.
I feel like I can do anything,
Like I can do a lot more.

I love myself for who I am,
Not someone whom others make.
I enjoy being a real human,
At lest I'm not fake.

All I wanted was to be happy,
But one day I realised
That you can only be happy,
Through your own eyes.

I cried again and again,
Until my eyes simply dried.
And when my battles came,
Again and again I cried.

I made an armour out of tears,
And to nobody I would tell,
That every struggle I've been through,
Takes me closer to a new hell.

I used to put up walls,
To keep the tears inside.
But then I tore them apart,
And no longer shall I hide.

I am my own inspiration,
Because only I know what I've been through.
You may not understand that,
But you have to admit, it's true.

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