My life

July 20, 2016

I was born on surprise,
But I wasn't one to be taken as being memorized,
Most people like to say mistake,

By the way society is and was,
And only just because..

It wasn't normal to not have two parents in one house,
To each have a different spouse?

To pack your life up every other week,
For what? For Your parents to get that little peek,

To only know half your life,
That made me strife


Seven kids from different facilitators,
From three different creators?
Felt more like a bunch of dictators

Dictating on what was mine,
Sharing a room now, no I wasn't fine
At this time I am just about nine

Nine and I have already lived a life of confusion,
Some days just felt like this huge disillusion

Mom worked almost all nights,
So I had to watch the kids like I was supposed to be some kind of knight

Save the rest while I suffer,
Anxiety and depression was a lot tougher

Middle school was a joke,
Some days I never even spoke

Kids thought I was different,
But what they didn't understand was that I was dealt a different hand
Was raised by a very strict man

I couldn't stay out late,
I'd be damned if I asked him if I could go on a date

Eighth grade got better,
Maybe because now I was a go getter

Friends? Oh now I had plenty,
I would have no problem naming over twenty

High School came,
Getting on the volleyball team was now the name of the game,
But going through that freshman year made me go insane

Friends came before studying,
It was too late for me to start applying

Applying myself to what really mattered,
B was the letter I should have answered

Sophomore year flew bye,
That year I met my special guy

Junior year was hell,
Lets me see if you can tell..

Depression grew over me like some kind of germ,
Making things at school much harder to learn

Pregnant and seventeen,
Nothing much worse comes in between

Help from teachers is what got me through,
Friends and family helped me too

As the rest of the year went fast..
My dear boyfriend was my caste

After 7 months he moved away,
There wasn't much I could really say

Junior year is over,
Summer is here, thanks for coming in clutch
Now I’m just sitting here not really writing about much.

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