My Friend Jane

February 17, 2009
By Alexis Fitzgerald BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
Alexis Fitzgerald BRONZE, Richmond, Virginia
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Once I had a friend.
All my time with with Jane I would spend.
Jane would be my friend till the end,
Until into drugs she did descend.

Down the wrong path did wacky Jane go.
Her crazy mind was in her big toe.
What to do, I didn't know.
I felt trapped in a tremendous ice flow.

On the day I heard the news,
I was on a long sea cruise.
My friend Jane did start to drink booze.
Believing it so, I wanted to refuse.

She once sniffed white school paste,
Just a teeny-weeny taste.
She put her life to quite a waste,
When she started to freebase.

My friend Jane smoked a little pot,
On her Grandfather's racing yacht.
She almost came to be caught,
When she left it on Grannie's sleeping spot.

One day Jane stole her mother's pain pill.
What happened to her free will?
She didn't need that kind of thrill.
Did she not know that it could kill?

Good judgement my friend Jane did lack,
And her maniac life went totally black,
When she in an alley did smoke some crack.
Oh why did she not turn back?

Then there's the day she snorted cocaine,
Which completely fried her dazed out brain.
She went instantly and positively insane.
My poor, poor, burned out friend Jane.

Jane took her last breath,
When she did crystal meth.
So I covered her grave whith baby's breath,
And now hope that we all learn from her death.

The author's comments:
Parts of this is absed on my late Aunt Jeannie who died of a drug overdose.

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