Lights, Camera...Cut

February 17, 2009
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So much work for so much pain
Everything inside was lost except for my shame,
A tender heart was exposed and shredded,
All complete with motives undetected,
There is no white dress or a kiss in the sun,
Just a man and a woman and the crowd they have won,
Looking into her eyes and capturing the scene,
His heart lays heavy when he thinks it's a dream,
such an exquisite and wonderful piece of fine art,
Crumpling like this in and just simply falling apart,
The climax in this movie is the heartbreak and despair,
To the leading roles this is never fair,
Doubt ensues the mind as time rolls through the days,
Each of them realizing the consequences of their ways,
But a box office thriller could never be complete,
Without their true love ending in defeat,
But there is no director, no crowds, and no script,
This reality is sadder than any love flick,
Life has nobody there to cut the scene or hit pause,
This isn't a movie, but instead one of love's flaws.

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