I Watched You Change

February 16, 2009
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I watched you change
You pushed me down
You spat in my face
You wanted to leave me
To end it all
I could see the little boy
Crying out for help and curled into a little ball
Your parents beat you
You were left for dead
Everyone hated you
They shunned you for your strangeness
You adopted the badboy look
Girls came looking for some fun
You gave them what they wanted
To cure your own sexual desires
To hope that they never leave
Yet, they still did
You laid alone
You cried
You shouted
Then, you met me
I annoyed you
I lectured you
I pushed myself into your life
Turning it upside down
Just as you began to come to terms with it
This is where it lead us
I lay in the dirt
Thunder and lightning
Tearing through then sky
You stood in the rain
Conflict running through your eyes
You screamed and asked me why
Why I stayed and made you think about everything?
How was I different than any of the other people?
That's all you screamed over and over
Tears falling like waterfalls
Salt water mixing with rain
I said three words
The three words
Words that are so cheesy
But seem to fit the moment
I thought
About how you smirked at me
About how you never told me to leave you alone
That manliness ego showing some ray of hope
That I was the one
I just answer
I Love you, that's why
And you fall down next to me

Your crying face covered in tears
Covered by your hands
And you shriek to the night sky
As your icy heart melts
I hold you in my arms
Whispering my love for you
Your nails rake down my back
Over and Over
And then they clutch onto me
And I know that you're hugging me
And I know that you love me as well

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