February 16, 2009
By Ayla Schmick SILVER, Sunnyside, Washington
Ayla Schmick SILVER, Sunnyside, Washington
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paper bags and plastics hearts,
its what you and i have in our shopping carts.
will they ever understand?
oh well just hold onto my hand.
we will go far,
in our broken down car.
we'll go to the farthest end,
your always there to mend.
you and i are like a double threat,
i am so glad we met.
i'll never forget that day,
when you came to say hey.
your eyes were shiny and bright,
and my heart flew so high like a kite.
your smile was so cute,
when i saw you i couldn't talk, i was mute.
i think the saying is "head over heels",
but you have me way past that deal.
so lets leave now,
leave everyone behind and say chow.
just you and me,
going along to our own beat.

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