Across The Skies Of Vague

February 13, 2009
By Matthew Reece BRONZE, Ventura, California
Matthew Reece BRONZE, Ventura, California
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Lurid shadows seek from within.
It waits for blithe to end.
Painted among cadaverous clouds;
whispering hopes are lost but never found.
Across the skies of vague;
no soul nor angel was saved.
In depths behind cold locked doors;
Under seals of the esoteric floors.
Could there be a savior nigh?
Or forever ashes shall the angels cry?
Unprotected by a weary light;
in the opaque bitter black a small drop shall be find.
Just one drop to severe through the worst;
just one drop to lift the desolate one's curse.
To relieve the wounds and revive those who reversed their birth.
Across the skies of gray and vague;
maybe not all have died without a name.
Across the skies of gray and vague;
maybe hope shall seek one soul to save.

The author's comments:
This piece could be that of war or that of even personal experience. From an art of depressive spirit to inspiration and gain. Hopefully this one will be one all could look at and gain one meaning or another but never have to question it.

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