Hell Poem

January 19, 2009
By Anonymous

unable to make up your mind
you wasted your time
couldn’t choose a side
pick left from right
so now you pay
for acting this way
in a semi-hell
fire not so bright
but still unable to see the light

enter in a room of mirrors
no light
keep walking til you’re tired
and get a fright
you get back your sight
can see yourself
in a thing you once treasured
the only thing that you thought would love you forever

use it once and your done
well that’s sad
you’re never gunna see the sun again
stuck in forever darkness
surrounded by garbage
smell so rancid
you cant stand it

you only want what the eye can see
don’t worry
you will be able to see the pain I bring
the pain in the form of blemishes
they will consume you
the face that once brought you pleasure
will now be your pain
that’s what you get for being so vain

try to control the world
think your god
well try the job yourself and see
trust me
soon you’ll be saying
“that job isn’t for me”
you will have the pressure
unable to be lifted
caused you thought you were better
then the one who made you

all you do is want
well here all you’re gunna do is give
since you already gave your soul
the rest of you will be sold
spend your life working
and you wont even be able to ask yourself, “Is it work it?”
cause you’ll know
it’s all because you’re greedy

thought you could deceive
thought you could make everyone believe
so now you’ll pay
for the way you broke hearts everyday
every day your heart will break
it will more pain then you ever could take
and every night it will heal
just to be crushed again the very next day
you will pay

steal everything
yet don’t gain a thing
because you’ll spend every day in hell
you will have your hands removed and put back
for every single item they took
and your eyes will be forced to look
and see the pain
of you living your life in vain
now, was it worth it?

misuse of power
try to have the power in your hands
control freak
could use you power right
but you didn’t
so now the power will weigh you down
and pull you around
all of hell
you will never be put down
never to be released
never to be ceased

try to play life like a game
unable to treat everyone the same
so now you’re here
wishing your victims of your abuse were near
to get advice
to suffice for your need to survive here
this place is one big game
and Satan controls the odds
the odds are you lose every time
every time you lose
the face that told the lies
will be ripped in two
and sewn back together
to represent
the live that were torn apart by you
your punishment is about to start

your sick obsession
brought you to this form of confession
you will confess your sins
and everything you did
every secret you hid
will be done to you
and like your victims
you can’t escape
this karma like fate
so like them
you’re gunna juss sit here and take it

lies consume us all
in the end it cause your fall into here
every lie you tell
will caused you to fell
fell into a pit of fiery hell
full of your false hope and fake desire
you big fat liar
every time you will come out
just to be thrown in again
this punishment will never end

the opposite of everything nice
the most hopeless place
no words will suffice
this place without any grace
the people in here
the most brave will fear
they sit aside Satan
in chains as his prisoners
there punishment contains
being his eyes and ears
they rat on their friends and neighbors
tell Satan everything they do
so Satan can get more followers
to become his prisoners
the prisoners heart break
for every name they take
they know they will never escape
this awful fate

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